Review: Is Soap and Glory “The Greatest Scrub Of All”?

If you’ve got dry, sensitive skin like me, trying a new face scrub is likely to be something you’re a little bit apprehensive about. A face scrub in my skin care routine is crucial to smooth over dry patches, but it must be gentle enough to not aggravate my eczema.

So, into my skincare routine walks Soap and Glory “The Greatest Scrub of All”. Bold claims straight away from the name, but I was initially sceptical due to previous bad and painful experiences with harsh scrubs. Sold as a “DIY micro-dermabrasion”,  the scrub contains salicylic acid, which is traditionally known to treat oily skin. However, it’s also fantastic for breaking down dead skin cells without actively having to “scrub” them away as it encourages natural skin turnover.

The scrub is for all skin types, and recommends using a pea-sized amount onto damp skin wherever your problem areas are (whether that be an oily nose to unclog pores or an area of flakey skin) for around 30 seconds.


I was instantly drawn into the claim that the scrub gave “instant radiance”. I’ve been using this once or twice a week after using a cleanser in the evening, and following with moisturiser as directed.

The Results

Honestly, the face polish has become a firm favourite in my routine. The grains within the scrub are not too harsh and very finely milled within the polish itself, which means 30 seconds is perfect to give a good amount of exfoliation. It’s not too harsh for my skin and leaves it feeling soft and visibly more radiant. I stuck to using it once a week, sometimes twice if I had a particular problem area, and this worked great for me. If you have more oily skin, you possibly could use it more for a deeper clean.

Most amazingly, I have noticed a huge improvement on my facial milia. Due to my eczema, I have to use a heavy moisturiser to treat it which can cause the annoying tiny white bumps to appear around my eyes and under my cheeks. I, of course, don’t use the scrub on my eye area itself but those under and around the eye they are visibly reduced. Salicylic acid does = DIY microdermabrasion in this case!


I’d definitely say the scrub lives up to its claims of being suitable for all skin types and giving instant radiance. It’s one that you can adapt to suit you based on how much you use and how frequent etc. Is it the Greatest Scrub of All? That’s for you to try the polish and answer!

You can buy The Greatest Scrub of all here for £9 for 150ml.

Do you use a face scrub in your skincare routine?

C x

*Blog supported by Soap and Glory. All opinions are my own.

24 thoughts on “Review: Is Soap and Glory “The Greatest Scrub Of All”?

  1. Richelle Tittmouse says:

    I need this! 😭

    Broke out this week and having a break down! Will pop into boots!

    Wondering if you have a YouTube channel as I bought the colour correct sticks from a few blogs ago and I’m green!?


    • chelsiechelsiex says:

      Oh no 😭 yeah definitely get yourself down and some sudocreme on them spots! I don’t sorry but I’d definitely recommend using just one swipe of the product and blend out with a wet beauty blender. Makeup blends on top so easily! X


  2. ktkinnes says:

    Funny, I’d never thought of trying Soap and Glory for a face scrub! My sister is addicted to their products, and unfortunately their shower gels etc bring me out in a rash but I will definitely give this a try!


  3. Abigail says:

    Aww this scrub looked lovely might give it a go 😊At £9 that’s good look forward to your next tips 🤗🙋🏼#Beautytips xx


  4. Yossy Akinsanya says:

    Never tried anything other than Soap & Glory body sprays so would love to try this as I’ve got oily acne prone skin so I’m always on the look out for new things. Will look to try this out soon!

    With Love Yossy x


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