Review: Smoothie Star Soap & Glory Range

There’s nothing more satisfying after a long day than taking a hot shower or bath, then coming out and slathering yourself in your best smelling body products. It’s amazing how relaxed you can feel after a little TLC, and finding great products is key to ensuring your routine is spot on.

The Smoothie Star range from Soap & Glory has been a firm favourite of mines over the years with it’s sweet almond and brown sugar scent.



Image taken when I first bought the scrub, I promise I’ve used it!


The Breakfast Scrub

Soap & Glory do a fantastic range of body scrubs within their ranges, with different scents and more abrasive scrubs dependant upon your skin type. However, The Breakfast Scrub is the one I have kept on coming back to time after time. I remember this being hugely hyped on YouTube many moons ago so I popped into Boots with my pocket money to buy a tub. The older packaging was more rounded but the formulation remains the same. The scrub smells SO good, with ingredients such as oats, sugar, banana and shea butter it’s hard to not stick a spoon into this and eat it. It leaves my sensitive dry skin lovely and soft and feeling moisturised when I leave the shower rather than tight. Definitely one of my favourite S&G products. It’s an award winner, and it’s clear to see why!

For £8, I think that’s a bargain for the quality of the product and can be purchased here.


Body Buttercream

The scent of the buttercream is slightly stronger than the scrub, with a slight almost biscuity underlay, but not in a bad way. (Think more sweet biscuits than fake tan!) I love the body butter consistency as it’s thicker and really takes it’s time to absorb into the skiin, quenching any thirsty areas. I particularly love slathering this onto the tops of my arms and on my legs as these are my driest areas. If you like The Righteous Butter but fancy a different scent, then I recommend this!

The buttercream retails for £10 and can be bought here.


Deep Moisture Body Milk

I didn’t think I’d like this product when I first tried it due to its runny consistency, but the “deep moisture” claim intrigued me. However I’ve actually found myself reaching for this most days before I pop my pyjamas on. The pump bottle makes it so quick and easy to apply without the mess of digging into a tub, and because it’s a milk it absorbs super quickly. Now don’t be misled by the milk title, it still has a nice thickness to it which gives the skin a good moisture. Plus, the scent of this is similar to the buttercream minus that biscuity underlay. My skin feels lovely and soft and the scent it leaves on the skin is gorgeous. Definitely a dark horse in the game here!

For £10, I think this products worth every penny and can be purchased here.

Overall, I love the Smoothie Star range. I’m usually a loyal Righteous Butter or Sugar Crush kinda gal but this range is just so fresh for Spring with some amazing products. With all of Soap and Glory’s bodycare currently 3 for 2 in Boots, how can you resist?

They’re definitely not edible, but they certainly smell good enough to eat!

What are your favourite scented body products?

C x

*Blog supported by Soap & Glory. All opinions are my own.


29 thoughts on “Review: Smoothie Star Soap & Glory Range

  1. Kayleigh Zara says:

    I’ve recently got a lot f soap and glory bits and I absoltely love the body butter and the body scrub! Love your photography


    • chelsiechelsiex says:

      I actually have a nut allergy/intolerance too, and my skin is fine with it surprisingly. Mines is definitely linked more to peanuts though so I’d air on the side of caution. They have loads of other great scents to try instead lovely ❤ xx


    • chelsiechelsiex says:

      This ones definitely in the middle. Not too gentle that if feels like it’s not doing anything but not too grainy that it hurts. I use it once a week usually, it’s fab for taking off old tan too! X


  2. possiblysami says:

    Omg I barely buy from Soap and Glory but that body butter sounds amazing. They look so pretty and it looks lush. I should probably get my hands on these! lovely post girl x

    sami |


  3. Abigail says:

    I like the sound of this scrub I love a good scrub 🤗😊, like the sound of the body milk to am
    Usually more a body butter but might give it s try a guess it could be good the pump bottle instead of s tub 🙆🏼X


    • chelsiechelsiex says:

      The body scrubs great Abi it smells fantastic! I’m usually a body butter kinda gal too but I’ve been loving the body milk as it’s great for applying quickly in the morning or evening as it dries so quick xx


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