Summer 2017 Bucketlist

During my last week of university, I had the harsh realisation that this is my final summer still in education. This time next year I’ll (hopefully) have completed my full honours degree and be about to step fully into the scary world of full time work. Therefore, I know I need to make the most of this final summer so I took to Pinterest to find some inspiration for my own Summer 17 bucketlist.

  1. Go a day without technology

This one sounds ridiculous to the average person but I literally spend 12 hours a day with my eyes glued to my phone or laptop. I always tell myself that I’ll delete the Facebook app to give myself a social media detox but never actually stick to it.

  1. Go to/book as many concerts as I can

I LOVE going to gigs and concerts and this is something which I try and do as much as I can each year with my student budget. Even just having them booked for the future gives me something to look forward to. I am going to The Wombats in June with one of my best friends, and Little Mix at the end of the month with another. Both completely different genres but both I’m extremely excited about!

  1. Take more pictures

I know everyone laughs when they see that girl in Nando’s doing a whole photoshoot with her butterfly chicken, but I love looking back on images of important events or even just stuff that reminds me of certain people or places. I have so many albums on my laptop from my teenage years which I still look back on fondly. It’s my 21st in a few weeks so thats definitely a photo opp!

  1. Start a scrapbook

Following on from above, I want to channel my inner Art Attack and start a scrapbook of all my favourite memories from this summer. This would give me something physical to look back on and remember!

  1. Have a girls holiday

I’ve booked to go to Ibiza with two of my best friends in July and I honestly cannot wait for a week of sunbathing, cocktails and laughter.

  1. Book a city break

Whether it be abroad somewhere like Amsterdam or Berlin or simply to Newcastle for a few nights, I want to be able to explore various places whilst I still have the free time!

  1. Push myself out my comfort zone with my style

I’m 100% a play it safe kinda girl when it comes to my hair and the way I dress. I’ve always wanted balayage in my hair and I’m finally going to push the boat out and do it this summer. I have SO many palettes and lipsticks in my collection but I always stick to the same general tones, so I’ll be hitting up Youtube for some serious inspiration for new looks this summer.

  1. Go a road trip

I love the freedom my car gives me and there’s nothing better than being behind the wheel, best friends in the back seats and a throwback playlist on travelling somewhere for the day.

  1. Read more books

I used to be an absolute book work as a child whos highlight of the week was my Saturday trip to the library with my dad. As I’ve became older, its been less Jaqueline Wilson and more reading tweets. I’m so keen to get my nose in a few good books on holiday and also at home as a way to unwind. Ay recommendations, please pass them my way!

  1. Get work experience

As a journalism student, the paths I can go down are so wide and varied that I want to try and get as much experience in them all this summer before I chose which avenue to take this time next year. Plus, some can be really fun such as my previous placement at STV.

  1. Practise self-care

Both mentally, physically and emotionally. I’m a definite stress head and worry extraordinaire and this is something which at times just takes over everything I do. I’ve recently started back the gym and this has given me such breathing space to clear my head and feel better in myself.

  1. Do something kind everyday

Again, such a simple little thing but something I’ve been trying over the last few weeks and honestly the impact is so refreshing. This could literally be from telling a stranger that you love their shoes or helping someone who is in need. Little things each day can make a huge impact on someone’s life.

What are your summer plans for 2017?

C x

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32 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Bucketlist

  1. Ella May Garrett says:

    This was such a great post! I started a scrapbook about 2 years ago for my boyfriend and I and I completely love it! I love the idea of not using technology for a day too, I could definitely do with that! xxxx


  2. aysemervedemirblog says:

    This is an amazing bucket list! I actually started scrapbooking couple months ago and it’s amazing it’s the best thing ever to have a bit of a chill time! X


  3. freyameadows says:

    I loved reading this! I’m heading to Amsterdam and Berlin later this month – I’ve been to Amsterdam before and would definitely recommend it if you can get there! It’s also my goal to read more books – during this first year of uni I have read so much less than I did before! Enjoy your summer! x


  4. Jordanne Lee says:

    Loving your bucket list for the summer! Do something kind everyday is a great one, I thinner could all do with a bit of that in our lives and taking more pictires is definetly on mine too! Van never have enough.

    Jordanne ||


  5. The Monday Project says:

    I’m traveling to the states for the summer to work in a summer camp! Making a bucket list is such a good idea, hope you manage to do everything! I started a scrapbook last summer and it is so lovely to look back over xx


  6. notesoflifeuk says:

    A great bucket list! I’m going to 3 concerts this month (did Take That on 1st, Robbie Williams will be on 21st and Kiefer Sutherland on 26th). Can’t wait! 🙂 I need to book a few days away somewhere too.


  7. ChelseaHodges says:

    Wow, dream big! This is an ambitious awesome bucket list, props to you! I sincerely hope you can achieve all of these goals you’ve set for yourself! My Summer 2017 Bucket List is rather boring honestly.. I am mainly blog focused this summer, planning to launch a big course soon, growing my following.. besides that, I’d like to go to the beach while I’m in Miami visiting my boyfriend, and hopefully go on a road trip!


  8. GorgeousAndGeeky says:

    What a great list! I, too, love gigs and am happy to stay in for months to save so I can go away for a weekend and live it up and go to a concert. Also, I definitely suggest scrapbooking. It’s one of my favorite hobbies!


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