The £3.99 Hugo Boss Orange Dupe


Fragrance is a definite weakness of mine; however some higher end perfumes can take a significant chunk out of my bank balance. I’d heard from a relative that Lidl had created a few of their own fragrances, one of which was being hailed as a dupe for one my most worn perfumes Hugo Boss Orange. At only £3.99 for a 50ml eau de parfum, I decided to give it a whirl.

The exterior packaging already gives a nod to Boss Orange due to the classic white and orange design. The bottle itself is very minimalist with a clear glass bottle and sleek metal lid. Whilst it wouldn’t make a statement sitting on your dressing table, the sturdiness of the bottle itself makes it ideal for your handbag.


Left: Suddenly Diamonds // Right: Hugo Boss Orange

The scent has top notes of orange blossom and is quite zingy and strong upon first application, however does wear down to its softer base notes of sandalwood and vanilla. The fragrance lasted around 5 hours on my skin which is unheard of from a budget fragrance (although, of course, fragrance does wear differently on everyone) and caused no irritation. It’s a very fresh and generally easy to wear scent. One friend wouldn’t even believe me when I said it was from Lidl!

In comparison to Hugo Boss Orange, I must say that it really is hard to tell the difference as far as fragrance goes. Boss Orange does last slightly longer on the skin, which is to be expected, but for the price comparison the odd touch up is acceptable. Whilst the Lidl offering costs a mere £3.99, a 50ml bottle of Boss Orange would cost around £44.50, meaning a total saving of £40.51!

Hugo Boss Orange can be purchased here // “Suddenly Diamonds” can be purchased from your local Lidl supermarket.

Would you wear a £3.99 fragrance?

Beating the stigma of charity shops

Shopping in a charity shop is something that many people feel uncomfortable with, mainly due to the nature of the items being “second hand”. In 2015, the stigma is still very much alive however there are various reason why I believe these people should be converted.

  1. Charity

Possibly the most obvious reason is that these shops are designed to give money back to a charitable cause, therefore you’re supporting the charity with any purchases made.

  1. Individuality

When purchasing an item from a charity shop, you will rarely find someone else with it. Whether it be a clothing item, a home furnishing or indeed entertainment item, you will be able to stand out from the crowd.  And, unless you disclaim it, no-one need ever know it wasn’t purchased straight from the original manufacturer.

  1. Price

Whilst there has been a rise in some charity shops prices over the last few years, the price of most things is very reasonable and less than buying brand new. Vintage stores will be more expensive, therefore I would recommend these more for avid collectors.

  1. Local

My local charity shop actually supports the community, such as giving money for school productions from the funds raised in their store. This encourages people to want to donate and purchase as they can see where and how the money is being spent.

  1. The Unexpected

Charity shops are often full of many little hidden gems that you otherwise would not have thought to purchase. I largely buy books from my local store, which never cost me more than £1 and find myself engrossed in something I would not even have approached in a large bookstore. Likewise, I know relatives who have purchased ornaments and little details for the home.

  1. Eco Friendly

Buying items from a charity shop is ultimately like recycling items, therefore saving them from ending up on a landfill site.

If you can overcome the idea of using second hand items, and focus on the positives of the stores, charity shops are ultimately fantastic for your budget. I recommend having a look through your local store, you never know what you could find!

Would you shop in a charity shop?